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Severe Videos, LLC was founded in 2015 by Scott E Curry. Originally, Severe Videos was focused solely on capturing videos from Scott E Curry’s storm chasing trips across the United States, and publishing those videos under the brands “Severe Videos” and “Scott Chaser”. As Scott E Curry began to travel more, and more footage was captured, additional severe videos were added including fires and bad drivers. The YouTube channel, and overall social media following, remained small for many years.

Then in 2021, Scott E Curry started a new YouTube channel called “Stock Curry”, with a focus on stocks and investing. This became the 2nd brand owned by Severe Videos, LLC. The Stock Curry YouTube channel grew quickly, acquiring 1,000 subscribers in the first 10 days. By the end of 2021, the Stock Curry YouTube channel had over 50,000 subscribers. The Stock Curry YouTube channel grew into an internationally recognized brand, with 35% of followers coming from outside the United States. Today, the brand has expanded to multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Rumble, TikTok, Instagram, and more. Unfortunately we had to shut down the Facebook page due to the overwhelming amount of scammers on the platform.

Our latest brand, Talents of Wealth, will focus on Entrepreneurship, Investing, and Personal Finance. Scott E Curry will be sharing his personal success tips, as well as interviewing other successful individuals. Videos will be added soon to the YouTube and Rumble accounts.